About PopPinas

Last year, Pop Pinas was launched as Viral Videos PH on Facebook. It was a one-stop source for all of the trending videos in the Philippines. Then early this year, we decided to change its name to Pop Pinas and expand its scope wherein our goal is to make it not just a great source of viral videos but also your number 1 go-to source for the latest happening in the world of music. And now, we are proud to announce that Pop Pinas will not just be another Facebook fan page but it will also offer you a website where you can get updates about your favorite artist, the hottest hits today, and discover only the best upcoming artists!

poppinas.com’s mission is to provide information and opinion about the legendary music from the past to the greatest hits of today. Including both globally and locally, we will deliver artist interviews and music reviews of different genres. We strive to serve both curious listener as well as the music enthusiast. Visitors of our site who are new to the world of music can benefit from reading through our music news section and playlist suggestions while those who already developed their love of music can benefit from the music blogs, interviews and new music features of the site.

We will continue to make an ongoing effort to stay current. We can offer you everything from the upcoming music festivals around the world, what’s hot on our radio stations right now to the upcoming releases! Because in Pop Pinas, it’s all about You & the Music!

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