Does it simply end that way? I mean, all stories have an end but I know this one certainly can’t just end that way – slowly drifting away without a word, as the world becomes smaller and smaller each day. Questions, questions – they’ve been running through my mind. What happened? What did I do? What went wrong? Since when? When will that time come? Why now?

We were really great friends. Yes I could say that. Staying at night just talking randomly then waking up with a smile, thinking how great my night went – where has those times gone to?

What happened to all those excitement for that time to come? After a year, it finally did. I didn’t do it on purpose though, I swear. I’m just simply like that when it comes to those. There goes the first chance. I made the second one on purpose though – the second chance, but you blew it all away. I thought that’s what we wanted? I mean, I’m still holding on but how about you? Where in the world are you? This leads me to thinking if it’s even worth a third, fourth, or even a fifth chance. All I know is that I’m not afraid to try again. I’m just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

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