by Nina Ledesma

After waiting for 17 years, everyone’s favorite band, Coldplay, has finally visited Manila! According to Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, they’ve been rehearsing all this time (17 years? really? LOL!) for the Filipino crowd.

The most awaited concert was just as expected – magical, surreal, dreamy. From the techy wrist bands that jive along with the beat, lights, and rhythm, to the shaped confetti cut down to every detail, the colored balloons that jumped around with the people, the crowd that sings along to every note, down to all those iconic guitar riffs, drum beats, bass, and vocals, you can definitely name the Coldplay concert as the best. Literally the best.

You know when people say, music on, world off? Well, that’s how it really felt like, but with eyes to make everything turn into reality. What you hear on your earphones while walking or having a roadtrip, is exactly what you’d hear in their concert. Were they really live? That’s one question you’d ask yourself. And yes, they’re really playing live! That’s how pro they are (after rehearsing for 17 years! HAHA). It was definitely a night to remember!

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